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Tips for the Business of Writing

Remember today’s strict privacy laws. Forward client/colleague emails only with permission. If you make a mistake, own up to it, apologize and fix it as best you can. Avoid the blame game – take responsibility for your actions. Keep on good terms with clients so they will recommend you to others. Be patient. People in… Read more »

Editing Tips

Benefits Of Editing For Efficiency: it is helpful in meeting word number maximums and space requirements it is a critical factor in humor writing it eliminates redundant words and sentences it eliminates unnecessary words the piece reads more fluidly it inspires the writer to be even more creative you learn to become more objective about… Read more »

Humour Writing Tips

Anyone for bungee-shopping? What’s the plural of “Johnny-on-the-spot”? I’m amazed at people who buy accordian files; imagine knowing that many people who play the accordian, that you’d need an entire file for them! Comedy – it’s all around us every day – IF you just look and listen. As sophisticated as entertainment, education and advertising… Read more »

Tips for Writing a Website

People go to websites for CONTENT If they see a glorified ad or brochure, they’ll most likely leave. If you want the visitors to call or show up at your place of business, you have to earn the right by providing information. Internet users want details. They can browse websites in their pajamas in the… Read more »