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by | February 4, 2008


Creative Writing – a 10-week course offered each fall at the Uxbridge, Ontario, campus of Durham College that provides an overview of fiction and non-fiction writing for the person who is passionate about the craft, but needs direction in both polishing work for publication and the mechanics of how to approach editors.

Advanced Creative Writing – a 10-week course (offered at different times throughout the year) that builds on the skills from Creative Writing and pushes participants to expand their comfort zones and experiment more. During part of this course, Dorothea uses Pat Schneider’s Amherst Writers & Artists Method, in which she has been trained.


Make Money Being Funny: How to Write Humor – a hilarious one-day workshop that takes participants through comedy writing exercises and helps them learn to incorporate humour into their writing.

How to Win Writing Contests – a one-day workshop offered by two national contest judges, Dorothea Helms and award-winning author Ruth E. Walker, to help participants avoid the common negative practices that eliminate a contest entry from the winning few

The Business of Writing: How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer – a day of empowerment, this workshop introduces the left brain practices most writers fear and avoid and places them in perspective by tackling topics such as pricing, setting up basic books, marketing, etc.

Business Writing for the Non-Writer – if you cringe when co-workers ask you to compose memos, letters and reports, this one-day workshop in basic business writing skills can lower your bloodpressure and raise your status at work

Getting the Word Out: Ad Writing for Print and Radio – a one-day workshop on writing ad copy for several media

Presenting With Pizzazz: Read Your Writing With Zest – a one-day workshop that helps writers develop their verbal skills in order to captivate audiences during author readings

Outrageous Writing: Blow Your Creative Mind Exercises – a one-day workshop for the brave writer who enjoys stretching beyond the bounds of the expected to give writing more zest

The Little Things: Practices that Take You from Amateur Writer to Professional – a one-day workshop that focuses on details in writing, and good business practices that help you get more work

Balancing Act – a weekend workshop conducted with award-winning writer/editor Ruth E. Walker that takes participants through left- and right-brain exercises to develop both the wildly creative and practical aspects of writing for enjoyment and getting published for money.

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