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Tips for the Business of Writing

Remember today’s strict privacy laws. Forward client/colleague emails only with permission. If you make a mistake, own up to it, apologize and fix it as best you can. Avoid the blame game – take responsibility for your actions. Keep on good terms with clients so they will recommend you to others. Be patient. People in… Read more »

Writing Services

Internationally published writer Dorothea Helms is passionate about writing, and has had her work appear in an amazingly diverse selection of publications. She has also served as editor of three magazines and several newspaper sections, in addition to editing books for individual authors. Whatever your writing, ghostwriting or editorial needs, Dorothea will exceed your expectations… Read more »

Courses & Workshops

Courses Creative Writing – a 10-week course offered each fall at the Uxbridge, Ontario, campus of Durham College that provides an overview of fiction and non-fiction writing for the person who is passionate about the craft, but needs direction in both polishing work for publication and the mechanics of how to approach editors. Advanced Creative… Read more »

Keynote Speeches

The Art of Making Money: How Artsie-Fartsies Can Learn to Tap Into Left Brain Skills Humor Sells: Write Funny to Make Money Don’t Sell Yourself Short: Marketing for the 21st Century Weight No Longer: Learn to Love Yourself at Any Weight Straight to the Top: How to Approach Celebrities and Other Important People Opportunity’s Knocking:… Read more »

Business Training

In 1994, I was dabbling in professional freelance writing, making a few bucks here and there and generally working horrendous hours for little return. I knew how to write – I simply didn’t understand how to make money at it. Then in 1994, I was accepted into a self-employment program run by Women and Rural… Read more »

Editing Tips

Benefits Of Editing For Efficiency: it is helpful in meeting word number maximums and space requirements it is a critical factor in humor writing it eliminates redundant words and sentences it eliminates unnecessary words the piece reads more fluidly it inspires the writer to be even more creative you learn to become more objective about… Read more »

Humour Writing Tips

Anyone for bungee-shopping? What’s the plural of “Johnny-on-the-spot”? I’m amazed at people who buy accordian files; imagine knowing that many people who play the accordian, that you’d need an entire file for them! Comedy – it’s all around us every day – IF you just look and listen. As sophisticated as entertainment, education and advertising… Read more »

Jane Hawtin

On the air, she’s intelligent, passionate, gutsy, caring and unpredictable. At home, she’s… intelligent, passionate, gutsy, caring and unpredictable. “I’m the same off the air as on,” admits Jane Hawtin, popular host of WTN’s Jane Hawtin Live! There’s no pretension about the charismatic talk show host who has been educating and entertaining Canadians since 1976,… Read more »

George Fox

“Oh, just tell the folks I’ve got about 65 pounds of awards,” he says modestly, when asked why the walls in his rustic country home aren’t lined with gold records and Junos. It’s a typical interview answer from Canada’s fastest-rising country star, George Fox, who considers chopping firewood as much an integral part of his… Read more »

Neil Crone

As Duncan Crone slides down the banister on his stomach feet first, it’s not hard to figure out who taught him how. With actor Neil Crone as a father, both seven-year-old Duncan and his four-year-old brother, Connor, were born with a head start on appreciating all kinds of comedy, from slapstick to irony.