Celebrity Interviews

by | October 15, 2006

For the past six years, I’ve been interviewing Canadian celebrities, first for a magazine called “Homes & Lifestyles,” then for the newspaper section “Today’s Homes,” which is distributed in Metroland community newspapers across York Region in Ontario, and currently for the DriverSource Saturday section of “The Toronto Sun.”

What a thrill it’s been to sit in the living rooms of such heroes Roger Ashby, Ron and Lynda Baird, Ted Barris, Christopher Chapman, Dinah Christie, Michael “Pinball” Clemons, Neil Crone, Erin Davis, Kristin Fairlie, Timothy Findley, George Fox, Chris Gioskos, Kimberly Glasco, Bruce Good, Hugh Graham, Kathryn Greenwood, Ronnie Hawkins, Sandy Hawley, Jane Hawtin, Jeff Healey, Betty Kennedy, Bill and Paula Lishman, Claude Morrison, Larry Murphy, Alannah Myles, Don Ross, Nancy-Gay Rotstein, Gordie Tapp, Kenneth Welsh and Ben Wicks.

I’d like to share a few of the articles with you. Please note that in these selections, the superb photography was done by Celia Bronkhorst of Claremont, Ontario.

  • Neil Crone– You know him as the slightly wacko hockey coach on “Power Play,” Ollie Jefferson on “Wind at My Back,” the wild and wonderful Mr. Crawford on “Eerie Indiana” and the clumsy crossing guard on the children’s show “Noddy.” This article on Neil appeared in the March 11-24, 1999 issue of Today’s Homes.
  • George Fox – Award-winning country star George Fox is as nice as he is talented and handsome. Visit with George in his country home in this article that appeared in the June 4-17, 1998 issue of Today’s Homes.
  • Jane Hawtin – Radio and television personality Jane Hawtin is also one of Canada’s most successful female entrepreneurs. Her career has taken her in numerous directions. This article appeared in the October 22 – November 4, 1998 issue of Today’s Homes.
  • Ronnie Hawkins – A transplant from Arkansas, The Hawk has lived in Canada for several decades and is a walking joke machine. He and his wife Wanda have invited me into their home three times for various interview articles. I hope you enjoy this piece that appeared in the January 14-27, 1999 issue of Today’s Homes.